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Andrea Lynn Lanteigne


Welcome to Andrea's Art Land! This is my magical world of wonder and beauty. I am an author and illustrator. I have a vivid memory of using a pencil to draw a tiny bird on the wall when I was 3 years old. 


My passion is for story whether that be in storyboards, illustrations, writing, characters, comics, or 3D. The story drives my art. When I wrote Faeryland: The Defeat of the Troll King, I finished writing the story first before I started on the illustrations. I made the sketches while I was writing. If the pictures did not fit the story, then they were removed. Faeryland: The Defeat of the Troll King is now available for purchase.


My newest book The Mysterious Box will be available November 2023!

I just made an album! You can find it on iTunes!


I recently graduated for my second Bachelor's degree at SNHU in Graphic Design & Media Arts concentrating in 3D Modeling and Animation. My first Bachelor's degree was from Indiana University in English concentrating in Creative Writing with a minor in History. 

I currently work in Retirement Services, but this website is filled with passion projects. 

I hope you enjoy my site and my endless art.


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