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Welcome to Andrea's Art Land! Welcome to my magical world of wonder and beauty. I am an author and illustrator. I have a vivid memory of using a pencil to draw a tiny bird on the wall when I was 3 years old. My passion is for story whether that be in storyboards, illustrations, writing, characters, comics, or 3D. Story drives my art. When I wrote Faeryland: The Defeat of the Troll King, I finished writing the story first before I started on the illustrations. I made the sketches while I was writing. If the pictures did not fit the story, then they were removed. Faeryland: The Defeat of the Troll King is now available for purchase. My new book Holiday Caticorn is now available for pre-order.

I have a blog on this site and some short stories. My blog consists of my process for drawing and writing. It includes tips as well for an aspiring artist. My short stories range from a paper I wrote in college to fiction and non-fiction. Some of the stories are based on my real-life experiences. I'm currently writing a screenplay as well.

Under the 'About Me' tap > click 'My Digital Art Process' for video tutorials and processes.


I am graduating from IUPUI in May 2021 with my English degree concentrating in Creative Writing at the Indiana University School of Liberal Arts. I briefly double majored in Computer Graphics concentrating in 3D Animation and Spacial Graphics at the Purdue School of Engineering and Technology.


I studied at The Oatley Academy of Visual Storytelling in the Magic Box course and did some other self-studies through Udemy, Creativebug, Shaw Academy, and various other art courses. You can find my resume under About Me > Resume along with my relevant coursework.


I currently work at a bank as a banker and a teller. The service industry was not an ideal fit for me when I needed a job, but they were the only jobs offered to me during the recession. I could not complete any kind of internship because they either didn't pay enough (generally for free) or there weren't enough hours (I couldn't find a full-time job until I was 26). I needed to work throughout my twenties because I had to support myself. I am and will always be searching for a career change to create art through story (storyboarding, characters, backgrounds, etc.). Subsequently, this was the motivation behind Faeryland: The Defeat of the Troll King as well as this website and anything I have created subsequently. When I finish college in May 2021, I am planning to move near Los Angeles, California to find work in the animation industry. I hope you enjoy my site and my endless art.


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