3D Work
01. Maya Dragon

This is a Dragon I created in Maya. It was for a school project and my first Maya creation.

02. 3D Chair
Dragon's LamentC02P9
Dragon's LamentC02P8

This was my first 3D project on my own- outside of school. It was created in Maya. I did the modeling, lighting, and texturing. I used commercial free images from textures.com for the floor and the background  I experimented with 3D + Matte Painting in my comic Dragon's Lament. This is Cecelia's Royal chair.

03. 3D House
Dragon's LamentC02P2
Dragon's LamentC02P22-23

This house was rendered in 3D and matt painted in Photoshop. I also added the fire effects in Photoshop. It was integrated into my comic Dragon's Lament. I also did an experiment with fire in Maya for this comic (Image2), but because of the rendering time and my extreme ignorance of particle effects, I decided to opt for the Matte painting fire effect.

04. Rhino Plane

This a plane I created in Rhino. It was my first 3D project in college.

05. Rhino Projects
Rhino Project 1
Rhino Project 2
Rhino Project 3
Rhino Project 4
Rhino Project 5
Rhino Project 5

These are various projects I did in college using Rhinoceros.

06. Maya Lighting Practice
More Natural Lighting
Minimum Lighting
Lots of Lighting and Texture Light

Class project to practice lighting. I only did the lighting in these images. The character does not belong to me.