Chocolate Heart

Love isn't so Simple

Chocolate Heart

As I write a LOT about heartbreak— simply because I have WAY more experience in heartbreak than love. I love and adore a wonderful man named Andrew. Now, while neither of us is perfect, I never expected or looked for perfection or someone wealthy. I have always intended to work and I just wanted care and patience from someone. My emotions are volatile due to a string of heartbreaks, certain things in my childhood and adolescence, and depression. I am not bipolar and it's not always because it's that time of the month. I have a LOT of insecurities that manifest deep uncertainties that are at times difficult for anyone to put up with. We are both dealing with issues of trusting each other and believing that this relationship will work. As soon as something small happens, I think it's the end of our relationship, so I go immediately into the mindset that our relationship is over— even though it's not. It is very difficult for me to have faith in something that involves another person. I am used to relying on myself because of different people at one time or another proved that I could not count on them. As far as my relationship with Andrew goes... we have never gone 24 hours without talking. Communication and the fact that we both like to write/text has kept us fixing our relationship and working things out. I am thankful for having Andrew and I love and adore him for that.

Two Steps Forward & One Step Back

We met in our late twenties

I thought you were quite funny

Our first date at Starbucks

Felt more like a stroke of luck

Walking in Broadripple

Everything felt so simple

Moving in together

Was really such a pleasure

I could see you whenever

You stood through the pressure

Of me working two jobs however

When I went back to school

You went were my center

I want to believe in you

I really have know clue

How to walk this journey

along side with us both in mourning

We keep moving forward

Together we have never been bored

You have always been onboard

With my plans, trips, and projects galore

When we argue,

I run from you

You chase after me every-time

We will get this right one step at a time

You are such a jewel

I want to be with you forever

And get to know you better

We can make it through this stormy weather

 Because what we have is such a treasure

February 22, 2024