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Short Story Collections

Fiction: High School Spring 2008 Eleventh Grade

I wrote this in my first creative writing class where I fell in love with writing.

Deadly Encounter

I knew I was going to die when I saw those glowing slits, razor sharp teeth, and deadly, slashing claws. I was nearing my end. I, a mouse, never had a chance against this vicious creature. I could never out run this large menace, a monstrosity. I can still remember that appalling chase which almost cost me my life.

I needed food. There was no way to get it, except to risk the deadly claws of the cat. I scampered across the smooth tiles and nibbled on anything I could find. I darted under chairs and into grimy, dirty places- seeking the tiniest of morsels. I flew into a nearby corner and found the heavenliest of crumbs- cheese. It just laid their, all mine. I was going to devour it and fill my belly.

To my great misfortune, that never happened. I hear a low, meaning snarl coming from behind me. I froze, stuck by the horror and fear of my blood splattering on the floor like the others before me. I knew I was going to die and I had nothing to do, but to face it.

I turned to face my inevitable end. The creature that would devour me stood before me like a immortal statue. Its glowing slits, razor sharp teeth, and deadly claws are what made me fear the lethal creature the most. The demon was covered in grey and black tiger-like fur. Its eyes watched for any sudden movement, as its ears remained attuned to its surroundings. If I stayed much longer, I'd have no chance.

I ran for my life. I scampered through the darkness, under chairs and beneath tables, until dawn approached, when I was cornered yet again.

My small beaded stared into those vicious yellow ones, pleading and begging for my life. I was merely hungry, so why would this horrible creature take my life? The cat licked its lips. I closed my eyes waiting for the inevitable.

I heard a scream. "You bad cat! Get away from the poor little mousey!" I opened my eyes to see the cat running away with its tail between its legs.

A child with long brown hair, kind brown eyes, and a pink sunflower dress scooped me into her soft hands. She spoke with kindness, "There, little mousey, you're safe now." She held me in one hand and opened the door that led to the bitter cold and harsh weather.

The ground, however, was no longer covered with freezing snow, but instead with grass and sweet smelling flowers. She sat me down and I scurried off in search of a new home for the summer.

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