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Dragon's Lament

Dragon's Lament

A born prince a trained assassin seeks revenge against villain for destroying everything he knows and holds dear.

Project History

Dragon's Lament started as a class assignment in Spring 2010 in my Introduction to Fiction Writing class. We were working on a collaborative project, but we each had to write our own individual story containing an element that would tie them all together. We used a necklace. Well, that necklace is no longer in the story. It also started out to be a story of a 3 day journey of an assassin saving a princess from a dragon (think- 'Shrek')- that got scrapped too. There is nothing left of my first original story of 20 pages. This is an epic tale- a trilogy. I started the first book as a comic as I really wanted to see this story as a film- it belongs in film. However, I do not have the capabilities to do that alone. I do have the ability to draw and that's why it became a comic. I intend the first 'book' to be a comic. I would love to continue the second and third books to be comics- I have some great ideas for some of the scenes and scenery. It may even become some kind of hybrid- we shall see.


In 2013 Dragon's Lament became a comic to improve my skills and I am eternally grateful for this story. This comic has improved my 3D skills, graphic design skills, digital painting skills, and my story skills. I will continue it because it is a great project to continually develop my skills. It's helped me more than college ever did.

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