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Non Fiction: Fall 2009 Intro to Creative Writing College

This is a memory when I was 8. I had a crush on this boy for 2 years and in second grade I told him. I finally got over him when I moved away in seventh grade. I think he was my longest crush ever. I don't get over people easily. 

No regrets.

First Heartbreak

She flexed her hands and stared straight at the young brown haired boy, who was confused when she'd stopped him from running on ahead.


"I likeyou," she blurted. 

He scratched his head. "What did you say?"

She grimaced at his response. Her palms sweat and she clenched her fists. "I y-you," she stuttered.

He stood there blinking at this long-brown haired girl. She clasped her eyes shut. He scratched his head. When it finally sunk in, he sprinted away.

She opened her eyes hearing the disappearing steps. He'd run off and she was left alone. The same gift she'd admired him for left her feeling empty and lost. The young girl held her hands to her chest and closed her eyes. She swiftly walked away across the gravel crunching underneath her feet. She sat down on a swing, away from the other boys and girls. She saw them laughing and smiling. She was not. The young brown haired boy ran on the track field behind her, also alone. Something clenched at her heart and a tear ran down her cheek.