Project Progress

Phase 3 is ongoing- I am redrawing the raw sketches below and shading them-

See Above for Completed Progress

There are 36 pages and about 216 total individual panels


Hot Air Balloons

Hot Air Balloons Cover
Hot Air Balloons Page 1
Hot Air Balloons Page 2
03 Page
Hot Air Balloons Page 38

Project History

Long ago a pilot returned from the army. He loved flying. He missed the high skies and the feeling of conquering the world. He took a hot air balloon ride and fell in love. He bought a hot air balloon shortly after with the money he’d saved from the army and meager banking job. Soon after he met a woman with his same passion and they married in the hot air balloon. Over time life got in the way and the balloon became worn and old. Money became an issue due to his wife’s hospital bills. His wife passed away and the balloon was nearly forgotten, but the happy memories remained.


Sometime later, his granddaughter came to visit as his son was also widowed and needed to go on a trip for work. And that’s where this story begins. 

Hot Air Balloons

I started this project in June 2016 to be included in my portfolio. I was focused on writing my illustrated novel, so this project was delayed. The original story is written and the sketches are complete- you can see them below in their VERY raw form. This is my current project.

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