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01. Zap Games
Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 12.28.15 PM

Zap Games is a logo for a school project. We were given a prompt (Image2) and told to create a logo. I chose a planet because of the universal aspect and made the 'Z' to look electric due to the Zap! name.

02. The Green Penguin

The Green Penguin is a logo that started out as a school project and was used for a friend's project.

03. Personal Logo
Self-Logo Again

As I grown as an artist, I have changed my logo multiple times. I originally wanted to be in animation (3rd slide), then I switched to graphic design (2nd slide), and now I'm focusing on my art (1st slide). It should change with the artist and it should say something. For animation, I wanted to say that I was still interested in the old style. Disney had inexperienced animators animate bags of flour. As a graphic designer I recognize that black ink on white paper is the easiest to read, so I went with a simple eye-catching logo. Now, I'm just being me and that's what it is.

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