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My Influencers

These are the people outside of my sisters (and my ex) that have the most influence or impact on my life. I will celebrate here the good things about each of them.

Marlisa Lanteigne

My mother has the biggest impact on my life. She is my strongest supporter— it doesn't matter how big or small. She will celebrate it all. She was proud of every tiny accomplishment and I can always count on her to give me a boost of confidence as it is always in short supply. She influenced me to draw. She would only ever draw Snoopy, but that was enough.


Richard (Rick) Lanteigne

My father is the biggest influence of my life. He wasn't necessarily the most encouraging, but I looked up to him the most. I know how to do 90% of the things I know how to do because of him. He was the one who taught me how to clean and do laundry. I learned how to understand electronics by watching him. He also lead by example and is the hardest worker I have EVER met. He still fixes my car on a regular basis. He is also a very talented artist, but you would never know it. He is also my reading guinea pig.

Kiersten Kuroiwa

Kiersten is one of my dearest friends. We met in high school. She is into architecture and is the most encouraging person.


Andrea Larson

Andrea Larson is a good friend. We went to college together. She was a History major and into Museum Studies. We had the most in-depth conversations in college.

Herb Lanteigne

Next to my mother, my grandfather is the most encouraging person in my life. We talk a lot, but Covid has been difficult as I am afraid of getting him sick. He was the most financially supportive person when I first went to college. I know how to cook because of him (even if I don't enjoy it). He is good at wood working.


Raymond Melevage

Mr. Melevage was the most influential person on my art. He was my art teacher in high school and I wish I had more art classes with him.

Bob Glidden

Mr. Glidden was the first teacher I had in English that made things click. He impacted my writing the most. He is also very funny.


Mike Shinoda

Linkin Park is my favorite band since I was 12 years old. I mainly related to Mike Shinoda. I always thought we were kindred spirits. I admire him.

I have many more influences. To learn more read my blog post:

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