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My Sisters

Andrea Lanteigne

I am the oldest of the four of us sisters. This is my website.

Aleya Lanteigne

Aleya Lanteigne

Aleya is #2. She is the middle child and probably the most well-adjusted of the four of us. She is the most extroverted person I have ever met. She lives in San Diego, California.

Tina McDonald

Tina is #3, but she and Tiffany are fraternal twins. She is the extroverted twin. She likes photography, cooking, and Animal Crossing.

Tina Lanteigne
Tiffany Lanteigne

Tiffany Lanteigne

Tiffany is the youngest, but she and Tina are fraternal twins. She is the introverted twin. She likes wolves and foxes. She plays the most video games of the four of us.


^ Fraternal Twins: Tiffany on the left and Tina on the right

(2013 Warren Central High School Graduation)

The Early Years

Family of Andrea Lynn Lanteigne

There are very few things that I've been lucky with in my life. Having three younger sisters didn't start as something that felt lucky. Since there were four of us girls, we shared rooms from the time we were young and pretty much everything else. We have vastly different personalities. There were only two things that drew us together- Pokemon and art.

From the time I was young, I always loved drawing. I don't know where it came from. My mom could only draw Snoopy and my dad could draw well, but I think I have only ever seen him draw a once- a horse. My earliest memory was drawing a tiny bird with a pencil on the wall. It was so small that when you took a step back, you could not see it. I imagine I had drawn on the wall before. I remember lots of Lego's and coloring books growing up. I remember my two youngest sisters Tina and Tiffany, the twins, drawing on the wall with Crayola markers before they were washable. I don't think they could even talk yet.

Paper was in short supply in our house all through elementary and middle school. We would run out constantly. When our anime craze stepped in, I think that was when Tina stopped drawing. She mostly drew Kirby's anyway. She instead was drawn to photography. I got into colored pencils and writing when I was around 14 or 15. Tiffany would draw wolves and other animals. Aleya really started getting into art when she was in high school. Aleya was the absolute perfectionist. I was starting to make my own original characters and fanfiction. Aleya took every art class under the sun in high school.

In college, I wanted to write and draw. I felt I could not give up either one, so I went for a double major in English and Computer Graphics at IUPUI. I had some issues doing a double major with SAP as almost none of my courses overlapped. I graduated in May 2021 with my Bachelor's in English. I am currently going to SNHU to finish my second Bachelor's in Graphic Design which will be completed in 2023. Aleya went to Herron School of Art and Design where she received her BFA in Furniture Design and Sculpture in 2015. Aleya went on to graduate in 2019 at San Diego State University for her MFA in Furniture Design and Woodworking. Tiffany went to IUPUI for Electrical Engineering. Tiffany always had the best grades. I told her when she was in high school, if you want to make money- go for engineering. She graduated in December of 2020. 


What I absolutely love about my sisters is that they keep me on my toes and are incredibly opinionated. I wouldn't trade a single one of them for anyone in the world. They are a diverse group of people and I am glad to know them. Here are some of their best talents:


^ Pictured: Aleya on the left and our mother on the right

Furniture Design of Aleya Lanteigne

Aleya Lanteigne

Aleya is absolutely amazing with woodworking. She spends so much care with each of her projects (I helped her sand the table on the upper left). I've seen her pull multiple all-nighters to get a piece perfect. She really is a perfectionist and an incredible hard-worker. She has an MFA in Furniture Design.

Tina McDonald

Tina is REALLY good at baking. She loves photography, but she has a sixth sense for baking. And her cupcakes are so, so good. I can't say I've had a better one. She just got married and is going to SNHU for Business Administration.

pretty cupcakes

^ Pictured: Tina & Will


^ Pictured: Tiffany on the left and Myself on the Right


Tiffany Lanteigne

This is one of Tiffany's drawings I painted for her. She is really good at drawing wolves and is very intelligent. She recently graduated from IUPUI on the Purdue side. Her degree is in Electrical Engineering.

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