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The Mysterious Box

When we think about the Cold War- atomic threats and fear come to mind. However when taken literal, cold can have a whole other and more hilarious meaning. Skating penguins and a weird writer is what this story is about.

Project History

This story started as a class assignment in Spring 2012 in one of my Computer Graphics classes. I was supposed to create the whole comic in Adobe Illustrator. It was not an easy task and I have an overactive imagination. I do not make things easier on myself. I'm a little over-ambitious when it comes to creative projects. Just like so many other projects- when I finished the class, the work had only just begun.

The original idea is a message of peace. The penguins are minding their own business until they find a box. Everyone wants this box except for one person. The penguins end up giving that one person their box and everything ends up peaceful.


I've gone back to this project again and again- I love my penguin pals I just love their dog-like design. I can't believe I came up with it- characters were not usually my thing- except for lizards. I was studying 'Wallace and Gromit' at the time and I guess the dog inspired me. I just recently found some inspiration to add words to it (Thank you 'Nightmare Before Christmas'!!) and it actually stitches everything together. I have the mock-up finished. I cut out the panels (Office Max has this thick paper you can print on that acts a little like construction paper) and pasted them along with the words on actual black construction paper. I still want to go back and repaint some of the panels, but editing that many panels is difficult. That's why this project is on hold until I buy a Cintiq. I think I may add the words anyway just so my idea is more understandable and a little more finished. I can always be a perfectionist later.

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