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Andrea Lanteigne's

Art Portfolio's

In 2017, I sat down with an Art Director at CTNX for a portfolio review. I was going over the prop design side of my portfolio. He told me that because I don't have a portfolio for one particular area, then I wouldn't be hired. He suggested to use tabs. That is what I have done here. Ultimately, my goal is to work in Storyboarding. I also know that Storyboarding is among the hardest and most sought after jobs in the animation industry, but it is my ultimate goal. I love all the below careers. I would be honored to work at any of the below sects of art careers. 

Due to college courses, I've worked more with Graphic Design than anything. 3D is second, but 3D is such a large area that I've barely scraped the surface. I do illustrations, storyboards, comics, and writing in my free time.

I have a Bachelor's degree in English concentrating in Creative Writing and a minor in History. I am currently working on my second Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design & Media Arts concentrating in 3D Modeling and Animation. Check out my resume to find out more.

I've self-published as the writer and illustrator for two books.


I have done all of this, so I can become a Story Artist. I love animation and Disney is my favorite, but I also love Dreamworks, Pixar, and Studio Ghibli. I generally only play Nintendo and Square Enix games which are both based primarily in Japan.

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