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All My Music

I felt that the previous post was unfair. This is why:

I own most of these. Some are kidnapped from my father and sisters (like all of my Metallica and Chiodos albums), but as you can see... there is a lot.

It would take too long to screen shot ALL of my music. However, I recorded a 6 minute video of me scrolling. Now iTunes is a little weird and sometimes randomly deletes my music. I have the CD's of my Linkin Park albums, but as you will see— most of them aren't there and I'm not in the mood to upload them back as I can just pop a CD back into a CD player.

I have everything from Linkin Park to Brittney Spears to Fleetwood Mac to Godsmack to Reba to Beyonce and anything and everything in between.

Here are my CD's (yes- that is my first Backstreet Boys CD and a 20 year old version of Meteora- I originally had the first Backstreet Boys album on cassette— that REALLY makes me feel old):

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