Dealing with Depression

Warning: This can be triggering to some people dealing with depression or suicide

You are not alone.

When I was younger and I was hurt or sad— I could cry it out and eventually it would end. There were long periods when I was lethargic like right after my parents divorce or in high school when I was just waiting for it to end (I had no control over my life in high school. I would get yelled at if I hung out with friends or went outside at all. I literally could do nothing but be quiet and sleep to not get into a fight with my mother's literal psychotic bipolar ex boyfriend— I spent 5 years in my own personal hell. People wonder why I didn't date anyone in high school— every time I tried to speak with the guy I liked my throat dried and closed up. He literally sat right next to me for a year and a half, but I'm shy as hell. Also— I literally couldn't as I was already living in a cage of hell). However, that was all crumbs to what actually caused my initial fight with depression.