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Dragon's Lament is on Kindle Vella!

Amazon just released Kindle Vella and I decided to put Dragon's Lament on their platform.

When I first heard of Kindle Vella with its episodic releases, it sounded like my old fanfiction websites I used to visit often. I remember the earlier days of Quizilla and I thought I would give Kindle Vella a chance. Quizilla was a remarkable website full of story ideas and creativity. I was an avid reader and I wrote plenty of fan fiction in my teens. I sound like I'm old, but after all— I am speaking about the mid 2000s.

I enjoyed the camaraderie and the willful encouragement of my readers. I did write over 200,000 words in Inuyasha fan fiction (Sesshomaru— not actually Inuyasha). It helped my writing more than school ever did.

I jumped on the bandwagon this time. Follow me on this journey, if you want.

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