Drawing in the Dark- My Reasons for Art

First, I want to say— I'm not here to become famous. I would love, love to find a job to make art and that's really my goal. But— I'm not going to stop even if I never make that goal. For me, art is relaxing and it is something that I do and make because I feel like that's my purpose. When a day has passed and I haven't written or drawn anything, then it feels like the day was wasted— regardless of what I did that day. Growing up, I was told I was wasting my time by many, many people (almost none of those people I have kept in my life). I was called an introvert for working on homework or because I was writing. People are social creatures. I don't crave the amount of attention that most other people get simply because I grew up with three younger sisters in a rambunctious household and now in my adult life, I converse with plenty of people per day. I don't require any more social interaction. Frankly, I would like more time to myself and to the things that actually make me happy and mentally healthy. Conversing with the general public doesn't make me happy. Drawing and writing do.

This isn't of course to say that I hate people. No— that's not the case. I just require more time to myself than my life has gi