Finishing My Second Bachelor’s Degree

Yes. It took some time to finish my English degree. My only regret is that I haven’t finished my degree in Graphic Design. I‘ve never pictured myself writing full time- For the simple fact that I’ve been drawing much longer than I’ve been writing. Drawing is something instrinsic for me and very necessary for my mental health. Writing is the thing I didn’t understand until high school. Drawing is my thing. I love art in all its beautiful forms, but drawing is like breathing for me. Although it’s not a necessary human function, it puts me in a good mood and gives me a sense of accomplishment that nothing else does. I can’t picture my future without it.

I entered the banking industry out of necessity. I needed a job with hours, money, and benefits. Internships in graphic design generally don’t pay. I didn’t have time to wait and search. I was hungry and slept on a futon in my mothers living room. The banking industry hired me and put a roof over my head.

Now that I am fed, clothed, and I finished one degree- I am aiming to finish my second one and get out of an industry that I just don’t like- at all. I was in it out of necessity. It wasn’t because I liked it or aligned with their values. Most of the people in banking have Business degrees- while this little artist went for Creative Writing and Graphic Design. I want out. I just need to find a job that can feed me and not land me into bankruptcy- which is a problem. Finding a job in a popular field is difficult. I now begin my search as I live in my soul draining role in the banking industry.