Game Complete & Playable + One Year of College Left after 13 years

Let me start by announcing that my game is COMPLETE! It is my first fully playable game! Granted, it has bugs and I am going to strangle it, but it is playable even if you have to refresh it occasionally!

It is done and gorgeous. I am happy!

You can play it here on my website:

I created all of the assets in the game including the music— except for the sound effects. The music I created from GarageBand loops and all of the imagery were created in Photoshop. Most of the images I exported to PNG transparent files. The sound effects were free to use from:

So I have 1— yes. ONE year left of school. I am not letting myself even think of the possibility of more school because it has taken THIRTEEN YEARS to get to this point. I refuse to take any more school unless I win the lottery and we all know the odds for that are low... even then I may just try to make my own business while drawing and writing instead of going to school. I am so over being in school, but I have one year left and it is going to be GLORIOUS. I'm thinking a big sushi party or buying myself something ridiculously expensive because in ONE year, I will be done and ready to party!!!

Play my game and be tortured!!! I tried to make it difficult (ish)!! My sister clicked all the wrong buttons– literally EVERY wrong button!!! MWHAHAHHAHAHHAA!

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