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House Projects, Learning to Drive a Clutch, a Thyroid Issue, and Looking toward the Future

It's still hard to believe that I am finally finished with college. It really feels like a large weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. I am also heading toward the conclusion of some of my house projects of which I am very grateful for. The deck for the back of the house is done and it is just absolutely lovely. My dad and I replaced some boards then my mom and I repainted it. The difference is like day and night. I hope it lasts for awhile.

You probably can tell that I've been slightly procrastinating on some of my more artsy projects which is true, but it isn't like nothing has gotten done. I threw a graduation party. I bought a new-to-me car and I am learning to drive a clutch. Life goes on, but there's always more to do. As my more immediate projects draw to a close, I am looking forward to my artsy nonsense and my hands are itching for it. We are coming up on concert season and fun season— somehow all in the month of August: Godsmack, Disturbed, King's Island, and the Indiana State Fair— all of which I will be attending.

My main goal over the next few months is to completely finish The Mysterious Box and publish it in November. I also plan on finishing A Pixie Fairytale and working on a few other projects including Atlantis and A Dragon's Lament. I am fairly confident in working on these projects due to recently finding out that I have had fatigue due to issues with my thyroid. I am now happily on medication and it's only the second day taking it and I don't feel like a constantly sleeping sloth. This is the best news I have had in months and I am very grateful for the explanation due to my exhaustion. Hopefully I can be more consistent with updates.

Toodles peeps!

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