I Really Like Taylor Swifts' Two New Albums

2020 was on a whole other level of suck for most people, myself included. Although not my worst year (or years— that belongs to 2002 and 2013-2016), 2020 is in its own category of boredom and exhaustion. I've had that fierce itch to get outside and do something. It's almost leading to a kind of insanity I can't shake and I'm a homebody, so I can't imagine how the outdoorsy type people are feeling. I imagine that they figure out something and take the associated risks.

Taylor Swift took that risk with her two alternative albums. Folklore was released in the midst of 2020 and Evermore is a more recent December 2020 release— only about 5 months apart. Even though I'm just starting to listen to Evermore well past the New Year, it looks like Evermore won. From the catchy beat of Gold Rush and the etheric melody drifting though the air on most of the songs, I can say that Taylor is quickly becoming one of my favorite artists. She was my least hated country singer in her earlier singles. When 1989 came out, I listened. We're near the same age (she's nine months older) and her lyrics tug on my soul. Her recent releases are reminiscent of Fleetwood Mac and Mariah Carey (1989 resembles The Emancipation of Mimi in so many ways). She is now up in my most played music where only Linkin Park, Mike Shinoda, Nobuo Uematsu, Shinedown, Loreen, and Collective Soul recide. Here's hoping Taylor Swift continues this alternative trend.