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I took a trip to Colorado

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

I took a trip to Colorado. It was last minute, but it was still amazing.

Growing up, we didn't venture out too much. We stayed nearby Indiana. The furthest I travelled when I was growing up was Missouri to see relatives. The farthest south we went was to Clifty Falls. I remember crossing the Kentucky border like it was a new country— it was a brief step into the unknown. Alas, we didn't travel much.

Once I could finally support myself with a little bit extra money, I caught the travel bug. I went to California in 2017, Florida in 2019, and now Colorado in 2021. Granted, my trip to Colorado was short, but it was amazing. I wouldn't mind living out there.

Going to Colorado was an unexpected and hastily planned trip. When I went to California and Florida, I had a meticulously planned trip. Colorado was not. I plan to go again next year as I found a really good price on a hotel in Colorado Springs on and I jumped at it. For six nights, I will be paying $280. On the seventh night, we will be staying in Estes for one night—almost the same price for the six nights in Colorado Springs. We're going to attempt to climb Pike's Peak when we go to Colorado Springs. We have a lot of work ahead of us and LOTS of preparation. I'm going to try to not get eaten by a bear...

We just returned on July 5th. We only stayed from July 3rd-5th. It was a much needed trip. The reason for the hastily thrown together vacation was last year, we canceled our trip to California and we found out in June while trying to book another vacation to California, that we had to use our plane tickets by July 12th. So, instead of forgoing our tickets, we decided to use them. Colorado was near the top of my list and it seemed the safest during the pandemic as we would be mostly outside. So we went and it was glorious.

It wasn't a perfect trip. Our hotel was crappy— they gave us a full bed instead of a queen and the air conditioner was out. They were overbooked as well. Luckily, I packed a mini travel fan, so it wasn't horrible. It just wasn't ideal— at all.

We rented a marvelously beautiful Jeep (I now want one— it was just that great). The top was removable which came in handy for watching fireworks on July 4th. It handle the mountains like a dream. We spent most of our time in Colorado in that beautiful Jeep.

We drove from Denver to Estes at the behest of a knowledgeable coworker. It was busy, but it had the most beautiful scenic views I have ever laid my eyes on. I am so glad I wasn't driving because I probably would've wrecked. I was enthralled and fascinated. It was a majestic sight.

After taking pictures in Estes (it was July 4th and busy), we went hiking.

I am out of shape, to say it lightly. I struggled climbing up anything. It was hard to breathe. Every few steps uphill, I had to pause. We were still able to take plenty of pictures. Andrew (my fiancé) barely broke a sweat. When it started raining, we returned down the trail. After some rest and snacks, we went to another trail. I was able to make that trail there and back. It was tiring and the back of my feet are still upset at me (six days later), but I would gladly do that again. Apparently as an artist, I am picture motivated. I pushed myself and I was enchantedly reward with sights I could only dream about.

I loved it. I enjoyed it. I'm going again. Colorado, I will see you again soon!

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