June 27th— What are you up to?

It's been a month since I finally graduated from IUPUI with my Bachelor's in English. My self-esteem received a boost and I'm feeling pretty great. Back in 2013, when I realized I may never finish college (without a LOT of hard work and money), I gave up on it and went through a long period of depression. While it wasn't the only thing that was causing me to become depressed, it was one of the two biggest players in that period of time. The realization that I would be able to finish both of my degree that came in December 2020, has helped me to feel better about the last 12 years of my life. Life still isn't easy, but it has become manageable.

I'm applying to jobs. I had a few interviews. Nothing so far to get me out of my current position, but it has been promising. I am continually stepping up my game and editing my resume.

I start my second degree at SNHU tomorrow. I am excited. I am even more excited now that Andrew is joining me. He is pursuing an associates degree in computer science. I am excited and proud of my fiancé. It is something that he needs to do (he's probably more intelligent than I am and he even reads more books than me). I t