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My 12 Year Journey to Graduation Part 3: W-426 Writing NonFiction for Publication

One of the very few positive things of COVID-19 was that classes were now only available online. There were classes that were now available to me that I wasn't able to take otherwise. The last class I had to schedule to finish my English degree was in this tiny section:

There were few classes offered each semester in this section. Most of them did not work with my full-time job. With COVID forcing everything online, I was able to schedule one of the more interesting options: Writing Nonfiction: Popular and Professional Publication. At the start of class the professor, Tracy Kemp, said that by the end of this class we would each be published. I was excited, but also worried.

My experience in writing nonfiction was limited. I spend most of my writing time in fantasy worlds developing characters and plots. The experience in writing nonfiction that I do have is writing many, many papers for college and journaling about my current self along with my past self. I've written memoir-esc stories about my past. Writing in the world of nonfiction isn't as exciting for me as writing fiction. I doubt it will ever be as fun or exhilarating, but that's okay. Informing the world from an objective point of view is very useful. I probably read way more nonfiction articles than anything else because the information is useful.

I did get actually get published and I will go through that journey in Part 4.

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