My 12 Year Journey to Graduation Part 4: Getting Published

When I first heard we were going to get published, I was excited and filled with motivation. As the class went along on one week after the next, I continually asked myself: What do I want to write? By each weeks passing, I'd slowly walked to the answer.

Throughout this semester, I went back and forth of what I wanted to write. I thought about writing for NUVO because it would be something I haven't done before. I just didn't know what I would write. Then, I thought about doing a piece for the class COVID Blog. I had something to say. I have experience to give to that end. I was working a full-time job at a bank and going to school. There was nothing normal about the COVID effects to daily life. I was torn between the two.

I ultimately choose the COVID Blog due to just having something to say. The class COVID blog was the only idea I had that I was excited for. I am usually bursting with ideas and I do have a few ideas I am working on, but they were unrelated to this class and of writing any type of article.