My 12 Year Journey to Graduation Part 5: My Future as a Writer

With the submission of my publication project, I feel very confident with completion of my English degree. It is a journey that I feel is now over. I believe now I should be able to write the books I want and get them published traditionally as I understand publication clearly. I am excited to finish my next book and get it published— if I could only decide which one.

I graduate with my English degree on May 15th and this Fall I enroll at Southern New Hampshire University to finish my degree in Animation. I really would like to work in the Animation Industry as a Story Artist. It combines two of my passions— drawing and writing. I’ve always wanted to work in the Animation Industry in California. That’s what I will start pursuing shortly. Most jobs I have looked at require a bachelors degree and I now will have one, so I am excited for the future.

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