‘My Deer’ - Process

As I’ve mentioned in the previous post, I have plenty of ideas. From the list of ideas in the back of my head, I pull the idea that would work best with each media.

For my Screenwriting class this semester, I needed to make a 1-minute movie of still images. I thought that this would be a great idea to use in my portfolio because it has the same basic principles of an animatic— without the animation. My Deer was not a project I really wanted to spend too much time on unlike Faeryland: The Defeat of the Troll King, Dragon's Lament, or most of my other projects. I always intended for My Deer to be a short storyboard project like Mr. Miacca, but I hadn't wanted to start another project before I finished the others. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to finish this project and it was.

Storyboarding is the act of drawing sequential images. It is basically the precursor to a movie. This is how a director plans the events. An animatic has a little bit of animation for an animated film. The director of an animated film oversees the making of the storyboard and animatic before they even start on the final film. However, these days the storyboard and animatic can be in process until the end of the film. The scenes everyone is happy with will get animated first. So as this was just a s