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My Goals- Past, Present, & Future Part 1

I knew I did not want to live in Indiana for the rest of my life from the time I was 9 years old.

I wanted originally to work in motion graphics. I knew that art was something I wanted to pursue from the first time I saw the opening of Final Fantasy VIII when I was 9 in third grade. I knew there were few, if any, companies in Indiana doing the kind of things I wanted to do.

At first, I wanted to live in New York City and become a graphic designer. That didn't last long when I realized their winters were colder than the ones in Indiana. Not long after that, I wanted to move to Florida until I realized their humidity was horrible. Then my dream was to move to Japan and work with Square Enix. That dream died by the time I went to college and realized learning, understanding, and living a whole different culture was not the ideal for me. I had too much social anxiety. It wasn't too long afterward when I realized that California would be the ideal place for someone like me and it took a no-brainer to figure out where I wanted to work. Walt Disney Animation Studios is my current dream and has been for the past about 9 years.

Now when I've said I wanted to work at Disney, everyone has immediately assumed I have meant Walt Disney Land. Which the immediate response is: "Why don't you move to Florida?" There is a love for Floriday in Indiana that I don't understand or comprehend. My response is always: "It's too humid and their animation studio is not in Florida." It closed somewhere around 2013, but of course, they think I mean Walt Disney World. I don't want to work in customer service. That was never my intention. That is the job category I've been stuck in since I've been working and I have every intention of changing that soon. I do graduate in 7 months— Finally!

I've always been the more sentimental of my immediate family. I have pictures of my sisters and our only family portrait in my room (that I confiscated from my mother when my parents got a divorce back in 2013— she was destroying all of the family photos). It takes me some time to let go and throw stuff away. I go through a yearly purging, so I don't have a lot of things (at least comparatively). But I have held on to all of my awards from school, SATs, and report cards.

These are the some of the awards (1 from elementary— a 4H ribbon, 1 from middle school— Raymond Park— for having a 'B' average, 4 from high school—an honor award for getting over 100% in Algebra from Southport High School, World Langauge Student of the Month, 21st Century Scholars Award, President's Award, Spanish Honors Society, and an invitation to the Congressional Student Leadership Conference— and the rest are from college— acceptance into Phi Eta Sigma and multiple Dean's List certificates):

I mention this because I kept my "Plan" score report which is better know as the pre-ACT. The A.C.T. one of the tests you take to get into college. You can take that or the S.A.T. I took the pre-SAT, the Plan, and the SAT. I did not take the ACT. The "Plan" shows a list of which careers an individual may be good at. It is supposed to help in choosing a college and a major.

It's no surprise to me that it recommended me to work with Ideas, Data, and Things. Every time I have taken a personality test it is either ISTJ or INFJ. I intrinsically don't belong in customer service. It is draining. I'm in it because I need to make money. This is my drive— to leave customer service. Yes, writing is like talking to people, but it is not draining. It is more thinking and breaking down things so other people can understand. It is not going out and meeting new people. This is not saying that I don't like people in general. It means that the general public drains me. I work well with coworkers and they are not draining. It is the general public that I do not know and probably will never see again. It is the people I will never see again that is draining. Coworkers and people I see every single day are not draining. I crash when I get home almost every day after work because it is so draining. This is my motivation to get through with college and move on to a job that better fits me.

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