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My Goals- Past, Present, & Future Part 2


To accomplish my goal of leaving customer service I have already taken multiple steps. I am going to finish college in May 2021. They now have automatic rankings of which resumes would fit the job best. Finishing college hopefully will improve those rankings. I am planning on publishing 5 books by the end of next year. I plan to publish Holiday Caticorn, The Mysterious Box, and A Pixie Fairytale all by March of 2021. That will make 4. I am writing the sequel of Faeryland: The Defeat of the Troll King by the end of next year— that will make 5. I have a few more planned, but I will finish these four before I touch those. I am also finishing my Hot Air Balloons storyboard project by January of 2021. I also intend to, hopefully, attend CTNX in November 2021. If I don't get a job by doing all of that, then I intend to just move out to California either by the end of next year or in 2022. I will just continue working on my portfolio and projects until I get a job in the animation industry.


Once I get my job in the animation industry, I will continue working on books and other projects. That is what I love to do in my free time and I never intend to end it even when I get a job. Right now there is a lot that could happen, but I think if I stay diligent and continue working toward my goals, I should be able to accomplish everything I want. Eventually.

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