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My Littlest Sister

I am so proud of my little sister! After years and years of pestering, she finally made a website AND it is COOL!

One of the pieces of advice I gave Tiffany when she was in high school was that if she wanted to make money, then she should go into engineering. It's not that there isn't money in art. It's just that the competition is a little much. Aleya and myself have enough determination to eventually get into the jobs we actually want, but I didn't necessarily want my most timid sister to climb the many mountains to get there. I will always encourage all of my sisters to go after what they want, but I knew she would have an easier time with engineering. She was always the more math and science driven of the four of us as well. I was second. My best grades were always in art, math, and foreign language. I actually struggled with English and History (the two I will have a degree in within weeks). Tiffany also had the highest GPA. Aleya and I didn't like to do much outside of art, but even we have chosen different paths.

So kudos to her! Tiffany and I will be graduating with our Bachelor's in May. Tiffany's degree is in Electrical Engineering Technology and mine is English concentration in Creative Writing with a Minor in History.

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