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Onward: How to Write a Book/ Finish a Project Part 1: Find your Spark

Moving forward away from the doom and gloom of life while listening to Find Your Way from the Final Fantasy VIII soundtrack by Nobuo Uematsu. When I finish college, then I will finally let myself play the remastered version. Until then— onward with life.

To start with I have a few tidbits of information I figured I should share.

  1. Probably less than 1% of people who start writing a book actually finish it, but this statistic should not deter you. Based on statistics I should be dead or hooked on drugs based on my family life. Marijuana was greatly encouraged. I have absolutely refused to try drugs and I am nearly the only one in my family that has never tried. I drink about twice per year— once during New Years and when I am greatly struggling. I avoid using it as a crutch. Both sides of my family have generational alcohol abuse. My parents drink socially and I drink even more rare than that. You can choose your own destiny and what you decided to live with.

  2. Not everyone has your best interests at heart. You can't really believe anyone is actually proud of you until after you have completed your desired task because they really just don't get it or how hard it is to actually do something worthwile.

  3. Collaborations are tricky businesses. Anyone who offers to help you probably just wants you to do all the work. Most of these people are flighty at best and leeches at their worst. I won't collaborate with anyone who hasn't actually proven themselves— i.e. hasn't actually finished a project. You can't know the blood sweat and tears that it takes to get something done until you actually do it. I would collaborate with my sisters, but they are not always so eager to get on board with my ideas as they know the struggle.

  4. It has to come from the heart. More than likely— you're not going to make any money from anything you do. It has to be a labor of love. At then end, you'll have no regrets regardless of monetary value. To work through something that you truly believe in is not something you will just give up.

  5. Avoid naysayers. A lot of people will want to see you fail because you'll be just like them. Not everyone has the dedication or the determination to succeed and that's okay. Just don't let them bring you down.

  6. Find people who are truly in your corner. If you have ever fallen on hard times, then you'll know who these people are. These are the people you'll want around in every stage of your life.

  7. Believe in yourself regardless if no one believes in you and take care of yourself. If you need a chocolate bar to feel better, then eat it. Just also realize you'll have to pay for it later by eating healthy or working out (in my case— both).

In Part 2, I write about brainstorming.

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