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Perfectionism and Why it's Useless

I am currently sitting in my office writing this. I have folded laundry all over. There's piles of random things everywhere due to me likely having ADHD. While I am working on each pile slowly, I have to constantly remind myself that progress is the goal. Perfectionism is not.

I had two parents who constantly strived for perfectionism. As a kid that was still learning— expectations were too high and I was never going to meet them. Now that I know I likely have ADHD and a bit of dyslexia— I now know that that goal was nearly unobtainable without methods to manage them like I do now.

Each time my parents come over— they point out the flaws to my house. They expect everything to be perfect. As I have gotten older, I just care more and more less. Dishes don't have to be washed immediately. My clothes don't need to go away immediately. As long as they get done at some point, then there is no reason to stress over them needlessly. It just doesn't matter that much. Quite frankly— they're really not high on my priority list. Anytime they have pointed anything out— I have facetiously said if it bothers you so much, then you can do it and they usually just leave it.

One of the things about finishing a project that I have learned. You can either have it perfect or done. You can only pick one (unless you're George Lucas). I choose done. Even though I could go back over my past projects repeatedly— I have chosen to move forward. Because progress is the goal. Not perfection.

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