Scams and My Due Diligence

I've had this website up for about five years now. I created this site via as I didn't have to do any kind of coding whatsoever. I know how to do some HTML coding, but it's not that fun. So when I made this website, it wasn't too terribly difficult. I put the effort in and I spent the money, so I have a cool looking website. It was the work I put in over a few years that made this website cool. Not everyone believes it was me who actually made this website and that's okay. Not everyone knows who I am either, but I did make it and everything on here mine (except for a few stock images— particularly on the blog- including the picture on this post).

Once I created the website, then there came the scams. There are plenty of scams, so make sure you pay extra to keep your information private when you sign up for your host. Although, I let everyone have my personal email address ( It's public and I can filter the scams out pretty easily. However, there are two scams that are more notable than others.

The first scam that caught me off guard was someone who was (seemingly) interested in buying art for her husband. I don't usually just offer my art for sale just because I'm a little selfish with it, but she was offering some money and I have lots of debt. So I sent some low resolution photos of some of my paintings and she picked one. Then she asked if I would accept a check (red flag). One, I work at a bank, so I know that scams generally go with checks. I told her I would have to see this check in person before I would think about accepting it. She sent it to me. Then I saw it. There was no return address to where she said she was from (red flag). I believe she said she was from South Carolina. I've never heard of this small credit union (red flag). Then the amount she sent was FOUR TIMES the amount I asked (RED FLAG). She said it was apparently to cover shipping with her courier and I was supposed to give the money to them via Cash App (RED FLAG). I told her she could have her check back, which she said no. Then I told her I would give her the painting for free if she gave me an address and I would rip up the check (no fraudulent check is going in my bank account). She insisted it was a surprise for her husband, so I couldn't send it to her. I offered to send it to a nearby FedEx and she could send someone to get it. It kept going on and on— until I sent her the picture of the ripped up check and blocked her.

The second scam just happened today.

Here's the email (that I edited for privacy— no need for cool companies I would love to work for to get angry— especially at me):

"Illustrator/ Concept Artist

$55 - $65 an hour

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time.

Work location: One location (remote)

We are in search of a talented and motivated Artist to join our team remotely. In this role, you will help us create new assets for our existing games and will get the opportunity to develop fresh game concepts. Ideal candidates love playing and designing games. We are looking for an artist with a unique style that our players will find innovative.


- Conceptualize and develop art for a variety of game projects.

- Develop digital illustrations for game characters

- Take any characters and environment sketch to photorealistic illustration.

- Seeking client approval for ideas with rough visuals - this stage may involve going back to the drawing board several times to rework sketches

- Use drawing, sketching, painting and photographic skills to produce illustrations.

- Receive art direction and provide multiple design solutions.


- Proficient with pencil and paper, as well as digital pads with Photoshop and similar 2D software.