Scams and My Due Diligence

I've had this website up for about five years now. I created this site via as I didn't have to do any kind of coding whatsoever. I know how to do some HTML coding, but it's not that fun. So when I made this website, it wasn't too terribly difficult. I put the effort in and I spent the money, so I have a cool looking website. It was the work I put in over a few years that made this website cool. Not everyone believes it was me who actually made this website and that's okay. Not everyone knows who I am either, but I did make it and everything on here mine (except for a few stock images— particularly on the blog- including the picture on this post).

Once I created the website, then there came the scams. There are plenty of scams, so make sure you pay extra to keep your information private when you sign up for your host. Although, I let everyone have my personal email address ( It's public and I can filter the scams out pretty easily. However, there are two scams that are more notable than others.

The first scam that caught me