Stuff About Me— School Nonsense, Depression, Life, & Animals

Updated: Mar 6

I was born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana in 1990. I've lived or worked on every side of the city. I know it very well.

I live with my boyfriend in a two year committed relationship. He's a great emotional support rock and I love him so much. Anytime I am insecure, he is really good at keeping me afloat in the ocean of my emotions.

I have two cats and a dog. Poppa is a black long-haired cat and we adopted him from the rescue that works with Petco in early 2019. He was bred a lot, so he was a grandfather when we got him. Leon is a grey cat we rescued in June 2019. They are besties. I got Cinnamon in February of this year. She is a chow chow— my favorite breed. I grew up with a chow chow mix from the time I was 9 years old. I've met five chows since then and instantly connected with each one. In July 2011, my lovable dog brother passed away and I hadn't had a dog since. This year, I was able to get Cinnamon and, as of writing, she is 8 months and a handful. Yesterday, she chewed up the cord of my vacuum that I hadn't even owned for a year. Her favorite color to chew is pink— phone cord, shoes, blanket. She also loves to destroy unicorns. I love her anyway.

Leon (left) & Poppa (right):


I currently work at a bank as a switcher— teller and banker. It pays the bills and is definitely the better job I've had. I am introverted, so it is definitely not ideal. I like office jobs where I don't have to speak to the general public. Meetings and general talking is easier for me when I know everyone. There's a lot less social anxiety for me. I've been lucky that it's not so debilitating like some people I know. It just doesn't go away. It doesn't stem from any particular thing. I just will always have issues talking with people because I find it so draining. Writing is easy. Drawing is easier. Neither of them drain me quite like talking with the general public daily with a full-time job. I am grateful to have the job that I do— especially during this pandemic. I am just trying to find something that is more wholly suited to me.

School is like opening Pandora's Box. I am going to graduate in May 2021— I have only 6 classes left. I started in August 2009, so it's been going on for almost 12 years. I started as a double major at IUPUI in English and Computer Graphics. I wanted to be a storyboard artist and write books on the side. I will never give those two up. In 2011, I was going through depression due to many factors. In 2013, it peaked. I found that I could not take any more classes without either getting a private student loan or paying it for myself because of this: