The Dating Game & My Dating Wishlist

I am putting myself back out there. Did I ever mention how much I hate dating? Because I really hate it.

People hide their intentions and flaws. On purpose. This would be okay if they were just minor flaws or decent intensions. I’m also just picky. I just don’t want to live my life with certain things. Like pot/marijuana for an example. It is illegal in my state, so I literally don’t want to date someone who might go to jail over something stupid and controllable. I’m young enough that I don’t want to deal with someone’s child support issues. Or even raising their kid. I want kids. I just don’t want yours. I feel that I young enough that there is no need to subject myself to these issues. There are enough fish in the see at 31 to not have to deal with it.

Then there are their intentions. I’m very forth coming on my intentions. I want to get married and have children— in that order. No- I’m not looking for a random guy to fill that spot. But dude- it’s open and that’s what I want. Just seeing where it goes just tells me that you don’t know what you want. There’s dating to find out if you want to be with me, then there’s dating with no intentions. I don’t believe you’re going to wake up one day and decide to marry me. I would just be dangling on until I had enough and left. Now it does happen where a person will realize that they want to get married all of a sudden, but it’s usually not with the person you’ve been stringing along. It’s usually with a person who has set those expectations and you’ve d