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Updates: Villain Name Change, Current Projects, and Life

I was able to update Dragon's Lament, so Valdemyr is official! You can read the first six chapters that are now updated on Kindle Vella. You can read them here!

I am current working through two projects. I am focusing on A Pixie Fairytale and you can read the first chapter here. It is a short story, but each chapter should be about 20 pages with about 5 or 6 chapters. When I am done it should be around 120 pages with black and white illustrations. It's a love story with each chapter intending to have a different meaning. They could be standalone short stories, but I am making them into a book. It's just going to take some time.

The second project I am working on is the final version of The Mysterious Box. I am adding color, redoing drawings, and overall making it better. I am trying to record it as well, so you can see my process on YouTube. I am also changing a few things from the original including changing George Orwell to a group of the greatest minds of the time which gives a better meaning to the ending. I am so passionate about this project that I created an extended project called The Many Adventures of the Mysterious Penguins which you can read here. You can read about The Mysterious Box project here.

The reason why it is taking so long to get any of my projects done is I work 40 hours per week at a new job. I started on January 24th. I am also still in school. With those two, it's hard to do anything extra on top of having a dog, two cats, and fish. If you add a break-up in the mix, then that's where I've been at. It sucks. I also been sick for the past 4 days, so I am behind on life. I keep going and I won't give up. You can also add trying to become healthier on top of everything else. Life is a struggle. I am chugging through it, but it's going to take some time to get some of my projects done. All this is why I am quite behind on Dragon's Lament.

I think Dragon's Lament is probably my favorite project, but it is also the most involved. The plot is elaborate and difficult to think about unless I am immersed in the project and nothing else. I planned on working on it, but the moment something comes up, then I have to go back to square one. Funny thing is— I actually have most of part two done. Basically part 1 is nearly half way done and I know where it is going. I am just figuring out the amount of detail needed to go into it and what needs to happen to go from point B to point C. Drake isn't a lovable character and he is not intended to be that way. The problem is that the reader needs to know enough and sympathize with the character, so he is real and believable to understand the hell that he is about to go through. I don't want it to feel like he is going through the motions of life. I want to show that he is a product of his circumstances, so his actions make sense as he eventually goes into a mental break down. I want it to feel real enough, so when he makes decisions— it is perfectly understandable. There are moments in Dragon's Lament that are harrowing and terrible, but I still want to show a human reaction to these events— even if he's a little hardened. I think it makes for a good read and a good story. It's just going to take awhile to write.

As per usual, toodles until next time— to the great abyss of the internet.

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