Video Games— I am playing Animal Crossing

Let me start with this: I am a casual gamer. I don't spend every weekend playing video games. I just have too much to do, so I limit myself to certain games to not waste too much time. Before Animal Crossing, I haven't played a video game since late last year when Pokemon Sword and Shield dlc was released.

The games I limit myself to include Pokemon, Final Fantasy, and Kingdom Hearts. I also play a few multiplayer games like Mario games or Super Smash Bros. I also will play old Super Nintendo games for nostalgia.

I love playing Pokemon with my three sisters. We consistently play Pokemon Go together. We just did a Cobalion raid this morning. My sister Tina is very into Animal Crossing and The Sims. I owned a Game Cube, but didn't like it. The memory card I had was irritating and I preferred PlayStation in high school. I gave my Game Cube to my sisters Tina and Tiffany. They got the game Animal Crossing and I played with them. I was interested in the new Animal Crossing for nostalgia, but they didn't have Gyroids. Without them, the nostalgia just wasn't the same for me. Once, Nintendo announced they were releasing them, I jumped on the bandwagon.