What influences your art?

This is an interesting question. More and more I've been drawing for a purpose rather than for fun. What influences the purpose can be many things like projects, style, medium choice, etc. I prefer to paint in an impressionistic style when I use a canvas and paint. When I draw with pencil I am focused on what I am drawing, the values, and the lighting. When I draw in pen, each time it reminds me of the animated version of 101 Dalmatians or manga art because that is what I know.

The first memory I have of drawing was of a tiny bird on the wall in pencil where it was too tiny for my parents to see when I was three years old. I don't remember much before that. That tiny bird had no influence and I don't know where I learned to draw it.

Early on, I profusely admired Lisa Frank in the 1990's and from there was Disney, but for some reason— I actually never tried to draw any Disney characters. My first 'How to Draw' book was Pokemon and I could draw them easily. I just haven't. When I was around 9 or 10 I drew a lot of lizards. I drew nothing but lizards. I don't have too many of those drawings now, but that's all I drew. I called them my "lizard dra