Working on Holiday Caticorn and Other Musings

I have two favorite mythical creatures— the dragon and the unicorn. I felt that these two creatures were polar opposites and the myths and beauty surrounding these two creatures have always entranced me. Dragon's Lament is about dragons and the fall of mythical creatures (which is why I am still working on it). Dragon's Lament doesn't get to that arc until Book III — who knows when that is ever going to happen and I'm the writer!

Oh the beautiful and unobtainable Muse!

For those who don't know, a caticorn is a cat unicorn. The cat gets all the powers and traits of the unicorn, but it is a cat instead of a horse. So a friend at work and I love caticorns. The story originally came about because— for one — I wanted to draw caticorns. For two — I really wanted to do a short project that wouldn't take too much time. Considering 2020 has been a mad house with a plethora of annoying and bothersome issues. I imagine that the holidays of 2020 will be much different than previous years for most people.

My holiday experience will probably be the same as the many years before due to my introversion. I find myself enjoying the holidays more when I am not forced to dance nicities with people who will never understand me. The last Christmas years ago I spent with my extended family was full of complaints because I was either reading or drawing. "Why are you reading/ drawing? Why don't you spend time with the rest of us?" I don't have anything to talk about. It's not like I am ignoring you. You're not talking to me except for right at this moment because you're complaining to me that I am not like you. I don't have anything to say.

My holiday's this year and every year will be filled with playing games and cooking with my boyfriend, an hour or two spent with my mother and sisters to eat, and a visit to my father who lives about an hour away. It's simple and about all of the social interaction I can handle. Not a single one of them will complain about my personality because they know me. If they want to talk to me, they know they can talk to me at any time of any day. I don't purposefully shove people away. I just don't always have something to talk about. Work is work and boring. Projects come and go— most people don't want to hear about my projects or animals constantly, so I try to keep it to a minimum. My dog Cinnamon is laying on the ground in my office snoring right now and I think she is so stinking adorable.

Caticorn was created with these ideas in mind. It begins with Halloween night and ends on New Years day. I think it is interesting to me and will be very pretty when it is complete.

I have one drawing done so far. There is plenty more to come. The story will be in color.

For drawing in pencil I use a clean 2-inch paint brush to dust off eraser shavings— to keep me from smudging the drawing. I use three different erasers— a large one (the mono eraser), an electric eraser (works well and is very precise, but it leaves a lot of shavings behind), and I use the eraser at the end of a mechanical pencil ( I have perfect control over a pencil eraser versus the other two and I can replace the mechanical pencil eraser). For pencils I generally use two pencils— it depends on the drawing. For this one I used my favorite mechanical pencil — the Pentel 0.5 GraphGear 500 with 2B lead (no sharpening required) and I used an 8B pencil (I sharpen it with an electric pencil sharpener. The best art teacher I ever had would kill me for using a higher than 2B lead because it smudges, but I like to get things very dark without that shiny effect when the light hits it. I also use fixative on my pencil drawings, so smudges are not a concern for me. I found Grumbacher Gloss Brillant Final Fixative works best— there is no way to edit the drawing once this fixative is sprayed on it and it doesn't matter how much pencil or even charcoal was used— the pencil will not smudge or come off when touching the drawing). For tiny details, I will use my Pentel 0.3 GraphGear 500 with B lead, but I did not use it for this drawing. I also use a thin smudge stick. I used to use my finger for blending and would get fingerprints everywhere until I learned to use a smudge stick (my art teacher hated those as well— sometimes you have to find what works for you. Listen to advice, but listen to your own experience). To proctect my wrist when drawing— I listen when it is unhappy. There will be a point in time when you are drawing a lot that your wrist will hurt. There are a few things to do when this happens.

For one, this will not protect your wrist (it is good to prevent smudging your drawing only):