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This is my resume. I have worked in the service industry since I started working as you can see below. This site better reflects who I am rather than my resume. Everything I have created on this site was done in my free time or was created when I was in school. This entire website is a passion project I intended to help find me a job in a field I love.

Relevant Coursework

At Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI)

Full Coursework at IUPUI can be found on my LinkedIn page

  • Writing

    • Intro to Creative Writing W206

    • Intro to Fiction Writing W207

    • Fiction Writing W301

    • Advanced Fiction Writing W401

    • Screenwriting W302

    • Writing Poetry W303

    • Capstone Seminar: Metaphors E450

  • Literature

    • Children's Literature L390​

    • Intro to Shakespeare L220

    • Classical Mythology C205

    • Literary Masterpieces L213

  • Computer Graphics aka: 
    Storyboarding/ Illustration/ 3D Animation/ 3D Modeling/ Graphic Design/ Web Design

    • Storyboarding & Preproduction CGT390

    • Design for Visualization & Communication CGT111

    • Sketching for Visualization & Communication CGT112

    • Illustration for Visualization & Communication CGT117

    • Geometric Modeling for Visualization & Communication CGT116

    • Vector Imaging CGT216

    • Raster Imaging for Computer Graphics CGT211

    • Principles of Creative Design CGT251

    • Intro to Computer Imagery HER-A261

    • Intro to Computer Animation CGT241

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