Resume & Relevant Coursework


This is my resume. I recently completed my Bachelor's in English w/Concentration in Creative Writing and a minor in History at IUPUI (ultimately the degree is from Indiana University). I am working on my second Bachelor's Degree at SNHU in Graphic Design & Media Arts w/Concentration in 3D Modeling & Animation. Last year I self-published two books.

I have worked in the service industry since I started working as you can see below in my resume. Due to privacy reasons, I will not include numbers unless I am applying for a job or have a job offer.


This site better reflects who I am rather than my resume. Everything I have created on this site was done in my free time or was created when I was in school. This entire website is a passion project I intended to help find me a job in a field I love.

Current College Plan

  • 2021

    • SNHU​

      • Graphic Design & Media Arts B.A. w/ Concentration in 3D Modeling & Animation​

        • Planned Graduation Date May 2023 (13 Classes left)

Relevant Coursework

At Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI)

Full Coursework at IUPUI can be found below my resume at the bottom of this page

  • Writing

    • Intro to Creative Writing W206

    • Intro to Fiction Writing W207

    • Fiction Writing W301

    • Advanced Fiction Writing W401

    • Screenwriting W302

    • Capstone Seminar: Metaphors E450

  • Literature

    • Children's Literature L390​

    • Intro to Shakespeare L220

    • Classical Mythology C205

    • Literary Masterpieces L213

  • Computer Graphics aka: 
    Storyboarding/ Illustration/ 3D Animation/ 3D Modeling/ Graphic Design/ Web Design

    • Storyboarding & Preproduction CGT390

    • Design for Visualization & Communication CGT111

    • Sketching for Visualization & Communication CGT112

    • Illustration for Visualization & Communication CGT117

    • Geometric Modeling for Visualization & Communication CGT116

    • Vector Imaging CGT216

    • Raster Imaging for Computer Graphics CGT211

    • Principles of Creative Design CGT251

    • Intro to Computer Imagery HER-A261

    • Intro to Computer Animation CGT241

General Artist Resume

General Resume

Full Coursework

SNHU Courses

  • Completed

    • COM-130 Media Communication & Visual Literacy Grade: A

    • GRA-201 Intro to Digital Sculpting..................................Grade: A

    • COM-230 Graphics & Layout Print Media....................Grade: A

    • FAS-320 History of Design.................................................Grade: B

    • GRA-220 Intro to Digital Imaging ...................................Grade: A

    • GRA-101 Basic Design & Color Theory...........................Grade: A

    • GRA-211 Interactive Animation ........................................Grade: A

    • FAS-310 Illustration...............................................................Grade: B

  • Current 22EW6 (Now - August)

    • COM-232 Desktop Publishing

    • GRA-310 Digital Graphic Design for Web

  • Future 22EW1 (Late August - October)

    • GRA-410 Advanced Digital Graphic Design/Web

    • GRA-202 3-D Modeling & Animation

  • Future 22EW2 (Late October - December 2022)

    • GRA-340 Typography

  • Future 23EW3 (Late December - February 2023)

    • GRA-420 Advanced Digital Imaging

    • GRA-212 3-D Character Animation

  • Future 23EW3 (Late February - April 2023)

    • IDS-404 Popular Culture

    • GRA-491 Graphic Design Portfolio

  • -> Graduate May 2023​

IUPUI Completed Courses

  •  English​​

    • First-Year Success Seminar Sla-S100

    • English Composition (taken in Avon High School) Eng-W 131

    • English Composition 2 Eng-W 132

    • Writing Nonfiction for Popular & Professional Publication Eng-W426

    • Capstone Seminar: Metaphor Eng-E 450

  • Writing

    • Intro to Creative Writing Eng-W 206

    • Intro to Fiction Writing Eng-W 207

    • Writing Fiction Eng-W301

    • Screenwriting Eng-W302

    • Advanced Fiction Writing Eng-W401 (Taken Twice for Credit)

  • Literature

    • Children's Literature ENG-L 390

    • Classical Mythology Clas-C 205

    • Literary Masterpieces I Eng-L213

    • Intro to Shakespeare ENG-L220

  • History​

    • Perspectives: World to 1800 Hist-H 108

    • History of Western Civilization 2 Hist-H 114

    • American Constitutional History I Hist-A325

    • Far East I Hist-G451

    • Far East II Hist-G452

  • ​Japanese
    • Beginning Japanese I Ealc-J 131

    • Beginning Japanese II Ealc-J 132

    • Second-Year Japanese I Ealc-J 201

    • Japan: The Living Tradition Ealc-E 231

  • Math
    • Brief Survey ​of Calculus (Transferred from Ivy Tech) Math-M119
    • Logic Phil-P162
  • Science​
    • Stars and Galaxies Ast-A105
    • Physical Geology w/ lab (Transferred from Ivy Tech) Geol-G120
    • Short Course in Earth Science: Global Warming Geol-G130
    • Dinosaurs Geol-G180​
  • Computer Graphics​

    • Intro to Computer Graphics Technology CGT 10100

    • Design for Visualization/Communication CGT 11100

    • Sketching for Visualization/Communication CGT11200

    • Geometric Modeling for Visualization/Communication CGT11600

    • Illustration for Visualization/Communication CGT11700

    • Raster Imaging for Computer Graphics CGT21100

    • Web Design CIT21200

    • Vector Imaging CGT216000

    • Intro to Computer Animation CGT 24100

    • Intro to Computer Imagery I Her-A 261

    • Principles of Creative Design CGT 25100

    • Select To pics in Computer Graphics: Portfolio Presentation CGT29900

    • Storyboarding & Preproduction CGT499000

  • Other​

    • Introduction to Folklore Folk-F 101

    • Introduction to Religion Rel-R 133

    • Fundamentals of  Speech Comm-R 110

    • Psychology as a Social Science Psy-B 104

    • Career Planning TCM25000

    • Correspondence in Business & Industry (Business Writing) TCM 340000

Awards & Achievements

QBoard Image Coordinator


- I was the image coordinator for the QBoard team through the first half of 2018 in Chase's back office. I made sure the entire QBoard look synonymous across each metric and I made sure the metrics were readable.


  • September 2020 Kindle Direct Publishing

    • Faeryland: The Defeat of the Troll King

  • November 2020 Kindle Direct Publishing

    • Holiday Caticorn

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