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As this has happened to me more than once,

I felt like it was time for it to be written.

Poem: September 2020

Third Wheel

Grunge Triangle - Black

My first instinct is to run

While my insides churn

While my hopes deplete

Knowing that I can't compete

I don't want to be in a love triangle

It's not my angle

I want to strangle

The other two in the triangle

I don't want this

I don't deserve this

This disgusts me

This isn't what I need

I can't handle this

I know there's plenty of fish

But this broken heart of mine

Feels like this is the last time

But I thought you were mine

I gave you plenty of time

Now that I'm lost

What is the cost?

I thought you loved me

Only me

I wanted you to marry me

I feel like it wasn't ever meant to be

Broken Heart

2003: My best friend went out with my 8 year crush.

2011: I asked him out and he stood me up on a date.

2014: After going out 6 times, I found out he was married.

2016: He flirted with me and he was gay. He was my boss and I had to pretend it didn't bother me.

2017: He asked me out and stood me up on a date.

December 2021: Throughout our entire relationship he tried to turn me into his ex. He left.