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As I write a LOT about heartbreak— simply because I have WAY more experience in heartbreak than love. Although I have been heartbroken in the past, my present (and hopefully my future) is not filled with heartbreak. I love and adore a wonderful man named Andrew. Now, while neither of us is perfect, I never expected or looked for perfection or someone wealthy. I have always intended to work and I just wanted care and patience from someone. My emotions are volatile due to a string of heartbreaks, certain things in my childhood and adolescence, and depression. I am not bipolar and it's not always because it's that time of the month. I have a LOT of insecurities that manifest deep uncertainties that are at times difficult for anyone to put up with. I am thankful for having Andrew and I love and adore him for that.


We met in my late twenties

I thought you were quite funny

Our first date at Starbucks

Felt more like a stroke of luck

Walking in Broadripple

Everything felt so simple

Watching a movie you held my hand

I felt you were the only one who could understand

Parting, I could barely withstand

I went with you car shopping

I felt my heart unlocking

I love you

When we moved in together

Was really such a pleasure

I could see you whenever

You stood through the pressure

Of me working two jobs however

When I went back to school

You went were my center

You are such a jewel

I want to be with you forever

And get to know you better

We can make it through this stormy weather

 Because what we have is such a treasure

Welcome to My World





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